Everything is Fresh here at ECO BREAD.

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    From the word go the production of the best quality

    bread with the usage of traditional Polish formulas

    is the main aim of the home bakery – EcoBread.

    We try to monitor any market changes and customize

    our bread to customer requirements. Equally, aiming

    at customer satisfaction, our bread must be healthy.

    Baking and love for bread is our passion.

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    Bread in our home bakery is made from the products

    of the highest quality and from the natural sourdough bread.

    In our products we don’t use artificial coloring's,

    dough conditioners and preservatives. All breads are baked with

    the usage of traditional methods. We choose only proven

    providers offering best quality material.

  • Start Your Day with a Daily Fresh <strong>ECO BREAD</strong>
    Start Your Day with a Daily Fresh ECO BREAD