Since moving from Poland to Australia in 2014, Eco Bread owners Marta and Yaneck were always missing one product – bread.

Not able to find any brand similar to Polish sourdough bread, the once IT specialist and personal trainer became bakers, with their first loaves baked for themselves and friends.

Now Eco Bread products are available across 26 shops around Perth.

They base their bread on traditional polish recipes handed down from family members and friends, handmade in their home in Quinns Rocks.

Every loaf is made from the highest quality ingredients sourced from proven WA providers with natural sourdough starter and no artificial colourings, dough conditioners or preservatives.

All breads are baked using traditional methods taking up to 24 hours to be shop shelf ready.

Eco Bread is very proud to be winners at the Perth Royal Food Awards with a gold medal in the decorative scoring and stencil category and silver for dark rye bread listed in the category German rye.

In 2021, we finally achieved approval to display Buy West, Eat Best logos on our products. We always aim to only source ingredients from trusted local WA suppliers and to continue to produce everything in-house in WA. 

From rye bread, to multigrain to traditional Polish sourdough, Eco Bread bakes with passion.


Marta & Yaneck


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