Where I can buy your bread?

We deliver our bread to over 25 grocers around Perth Metro Area. The full list can be found here.

How long I have to wait for my order?

The mimimum waiting time is 48h, however this time can be extended depending from pick up location, as different vendors have different delivery days. Please note the cut-off time is 4pm. All orders placed after 4pm on Sunday will be processed the following Thursday at the earliest.

 Why I need to wait for my order 48h?

The fermentation process for our speciality sourdough bread is very laborious and it can't be stopped. Due to this, 48 hours is the minimum time for us to maintain the high standard of bread quality that our bread is known for. 

 Can I collect bread directly from you?

Unfortunately, we are unable to conduct retail sales from our place of business at the current moment. However, should you order it online, we can have it delivered to a store in our vendor list. Visit the ordering system by clicking here.

 Why doesn't my usual store show up after I complete my order?

 At their own discretion, some stores choose not to stock certain products of ours. In that respect, we also don't deliver those products to those stores. If you select a product that is not delivered to that store, the option is automatically removed. Each product has a list of places to which it is excluded from. Please be sure to check before completing your order.