Bread has been an important staple food product to many cultures over the centuries. It is referred to as the “staff of life” in the Bible. Humans have eaten some form of bread since the Neolithic era, when cereals were crushed and mixed with water to form a thick paste that could be cooked over the fire. 

Bread can be used in some countires traditions. Bread and salt is a welcome greeting ceremony in some Slavic and other European cultures as well as in Middle Eastern cultures.

This tradition pushed us to start creative decoration and scoring bread. In 2019 during Perth Royal Food Awards we presented our Tradiltional Polish Wedding Bread and we won gold medal. 

  • Decorative Loaves

    Decorative Bread – A gold medal-winning bread which will be custom-made to your specifications. 


    ECO BREAD retail price from $50




    Netto:45.45AUD(Vat 10%)