Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Your safety online is of utmost importance to us. You also have a right to know what information we might collect from you each time you access the sight. The privacy policy is set out below.


  1. Cookies

Though we have disabled the feature, it is still important that you are aware that we may decide to use cookies in the future. A cookie is a small packet of information sent from us to your browser when you access the site. It feeds us general information about what browser you might be using, and what kind of device you used to access the site. There are two types of cookies, session, and permanent cookies. Session cookies are stored in the web browser, and should you stop using the web browser, are subsequently wiped. Permanent cookies are those that are stored on your hard-drive and are more difficult to remove. Eco Bread guarantees that should we decide to enable them again, we will only ever use session cookies.


  1. Personal information

When you access the site, only your IP address is shown to us. This lets us know where you are accessing the site from. No other information is taken from you.


  1. Orders

When you order with us, we request that you provide certain personal details. This includes your legal full name and email address. Not only does this prevent fraudulent access, but it also provides us with information should problems arise. A confirmation email will be sent to the email given once the order is confirmed.


  1. Credit Card information

We will be requiring that you provide legitimate credit card details to us when you place an order. This is to safeguard Eco Bread against the possible placement and subsequent failure to pick-up orders. Your name as it appears on the card will be taken, as well as the card number, expiry date, and ccv number. Any information of this nature that you give us is encrypted with standard 256-bit encryption and is sent to a private server, protected by a username and password. We reserve the right to charge your card by the full amount of an order should you fail to pick-up the order within a 24-hour window from the delivery date. All information of this nature is held for a period of 72 hours from the order confirmation date. After that, it is wiped from our server.

 Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that information sent over the internet is 100% secure. However, we will aim to provide as secure a service as we can. Our customers safety is the most important facet of our business online.

To contact us about security matters, please email